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Employee AdvantageOur “Employee Advantage” program is a great employee perk or benefit. We can do several vehicles in one shot by coming to your business, taking care of company vehicles, and then doing all the employee vehicles while we are there. If you already have a vehicle maintenance department, call us about providing this benefit to your employees. Here’s how it works:

  1. We will establish a regular schedule for servicing your employees’ vehicles (such as monthly).
  2. Prior to our scheduled arrival we will help you distribute an employee sign up email or sheet.
  3. We will come to your location and service your employees’ cars while they work.

Result: No more lost employee time or wages while they take long lunches or other breaks to take their car or truck in for a vehicle service at a location several miles from work. Also, employees are happy because they don’t have to interrupt their weekend or other personal time to get the oil changed, and they will recognize that you care about their needs.

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