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InSite OilChange performing mobile fleet services Phoenix, AZ.

Managing a fleet of vehicles is demanding enough even BEFORE you have to deal with the headache of getting every vehicle’s oil changed.

Wasted manpower, lost time, unpredictable costs—these are exactly the things that successful businesses avoid, and all of them eat into your bottom line every time you take care of fleet maintenance.

But fleet maintenance is NOT optional. What do smart business fleet managers do?

They call us, InSite OilChange, for Greater Phoenix’s top On-Site Fleet Services.

We come to YOU. Got a hundred thirsty vans at your site? Not a problem! The last will be changed as efficiently as the first. Or maybe your business relies on a grand total of three Smart cars? Again, no problem! EVERY vehicle of big fleets and small fleets—and every fleet in between—will get the TLC (Tender Loving Change) that customers using our On-Site Fleet Services expect.

Let’s do a Q&A!

Q. You come to my place of business, wherever my vehicles are?

A. Exactly. All we need are the keys. You get our 12-point service on every vehicle, all without your suffering downtime or lost revenue while your fleet is at the repair shop.

You pay for services that meet YOUR needs, not for what that shop decides your vehicles “need.”

Q. But do you do as good a job as a mechanic’s garage? What are the 12 On-Site Fleet Services?

A. YES, if not better! Our highly-trained technicians will do a careful, thorough job of caring for your vehicles. Our Standards and Procedures, which every one of our techs follows every time, ensure that your fleet will be maintained in a top-notch manner.

Our InSite Mobile Fleet Services 12-point checklist:

  1. Of course, we change the oil of every vehicle. But we bump it up a notch by using top-quality synthetic blend or full-synthetic oil – your choice!
  2. Do we leave your site without installing the highest-quality new oil filters? Indeed, we do not.
  3. A hard-working member of your fleet needs antifreeze/coolant liquid? We’ve got it covered.
  4. Ditto with brake fluid.
  5. Also power steering fluid.
  6. Transmission fluid? We’re on it.
  7. Windshield washer fluid gets filled to the brim, too.
  8. If you look out the window at your fleet’s site, you’ll see us checking tire pressure on every tire you have. We add air if needed, and we advise you if we see anything amiss.
  9. Not every vehicle needs a new air filter, but if it does, we can provide a good one.
  10. It doesn’t rain in Phoenix as much as some other places, but we always check your fleet’s wiper blades and can install new ones if you want us to.
  11. Checking belts and hoses is also included in our InSite Fleet Service. We’ll tell you if we see anything less than optimal, and you’ll tell us if you want any of them replaced.
  12. We even make sure your exterior lights are working right to keep your vehicles and your workers safe and legal. If they aren’t, we’ll let you know what we find and ask if you want us to put in new ones.

Q. That’s impressive, but what if any or all of my vehicles need to have their tires rotated or get additional tire service? How about repairing or replacing scratched, broken, or cracked glass?

A. We can help with all of that. We love doing that kind of stuff.

Our InSite Fleet Services now available in 2 million locations

Every business in the Greater Phoenix Area that operates a fleet is one of InSite OilChange’s locations. (Every home is our ideal location for a mobile oil change, too—check it out.) We come right out to wherever you keep your vehicles, get the keys, and get to work.

By our making your business where we do the business of maintaining your fleet, your employees can keep doing what you hired them for. (Unless you hired someone to spend his entire workday changing oil—because we’ve got that taken care of. Maybe he can do something else around the place.)

Time is on your fleet’s side with InSite OilChange

Let’s review.

· We’ve got Who: InSite OilChange

· What: Unbeatable On-Site Fleet Services

· Where: Any place your fleet hangs its hat

· Why: You want to keep your vehicles at tip-top performance

· Even the how: By scheduling with us here

But WHEN? What if you need all those vehicles making money for you all day?

Then we come at night. It works the other way, too, which is important if your business gets things done after dark and before first light.

Of course, your business may run 24/7. In that case, STILL no worries! We’ll work with you to get every vehicle serviced whenever it’s parked. You’re an expert in your business, and we are in ours. In other words, we’ll bend over backwards to give every car, van, panel truck, limo, coach, RV—whatever you’ve got short of an 18-wheeler—the full InSite Fleet Services treatment.

So … our “when” is “whenever you say.” Kind of refreshing, isn’t it?

InSite OilChange is ready to perform On-Site Fleet Services for you!

Contact us online or by phone to get the bad oil out and get the good oil into your entire fleet, STAT! (That means “We’ll be right over.”)

We’ll assess your fleet’s needs and create an individualized quote that fits YOU just right. Quiz time: Remember how many locations we have in the Greater Phoenix area?

That’s right: 2 million! And as every customer’s location is unique, so are our quotes. We take as much care in helping you determine your fleet’s needs as we do in taking care of them. (That would be “A lot.”) Call us at 480-313-2210 or click here to get the ball—and your vehicles—rolling. (See what we did there? Okay, our InSite Fleet Services are a lot better than our jokes.)

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